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Puckingfunny's podcast

Feb 26, 2020

Today on Pucking Funny we welcome one of the biggest names in hockey; Austin Matthews. Austin grew up in rural Newfoundland, Canada, moved to the Sydney area at age 12, and took up hockey seriously once in Australia. 
Austin now plays, coaches, and is a true rink rat, regularly spending 8-12 hours a day at the...

Feb 22, 2020

Eric Brook took to hockey less than 10 years ago. While on a trip to the USA he attended a Portland Winterhawks game, and got instantly hooked to the game. Since then he has made his way up to play-by-play announcer of the AWIHL's YouTube streaming broadcasts. 

Feb 15, 2020

In this interview, we go to beautiful Western Australia and chat with Perth Inferno goalie Sasha King. At only 16, Sashsa is already a regular in the AWIHL and started the bronze medal game for the Inferno in this season's Bronze medal game against defending champs Melbourne.

Feb 8, 2020

Todd St.Louis played in the OHL with players like Richard Park and Matt Cooke. Todd was the enforcer who made sure the skill guys had room to do their thing.
After a lengthy career in the minors, Todd now lives in Texas, raising 4 kids by himself(!!), and has made a pro hockey comeback in his 40's. 

Feb 1, 2020

Liam Maguire is a hockey historian and expert. He knows every minute detail of the NHL from it's beginnings until now. Liam is also a published author with his most recent work "The Real Ogie: The Life and legend of Goldie Goldthorpe" available online.

Listen to Liam answer all hockey questions I threw him, except one....